our story

Francesca Camp has not just influenced the approach to skincare, she has redefined it. The science behind blush and renew Intense Repairing Face Serum and Ultimate Refining Neck and Décolletage Spray was originally developed for burn patients.

The history of these products began with Francesca’s graduate student work with inner city battered and abused women and her post-graduate fellowship treating burn patients in Chile. Her experiences taught her the importance of intense compassion, empathy, and the critical ties between one’s physical and emotional health.

Francesca’s professional journey including a Master’s in Social Work, PhD in Psychology, a medical aesthetic license and a bestselling book, culminated in her partnership with product development specialist, Marissa Pomerantz. Collaborating with renowned chemists, they created a skincare line featuring innovative formulas developed from wound healing technology to dramatically improve skin texture, tone, and elasticity.